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Ranthambhore - Beyond Tigers



Ranthambhore - Beyond Tigers

Deepti Verma
India , Ranthambhore Fort
Sep 30, 2021

I really feel excited to share with you all that one of my favorite destination has lots of options beyond Tigers and am sure that after visiting them you will be absolutely amazed as I am.

Explore the unexplored, I have spent three nights here and the place is extremely beautiful with the incessant rains and the green patch is making us feel that some artist has painted this entire scenery for us. Everything here at this time is just picture perfect. This time we hiked at the Fort to visit the famous Ganesha Temple, however you will be surprised that there are few more temples within the fort like temple of Patali devi (Nether World Goddess) and underground temple, a hidden gem absolutely. Behind this is the temple of Lord Hanuman with his sibling Makardhwaj. While returning from Ganesha temple you will come across one of the ruined structure famously called as 32 pillar cenotaphs, under that there is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which is almost 1500 years old and what an architecture it has till date......I cannot even explain this in words.The next day we explored the interesting museum dedicated to Ranthambore National Park and its flora and fauna, followed this we visited a very interesting temple dedicated to Lord Shiva (Ambreshwar Mahadev) and here exists an amazing waterfall, what a site to visit. I am really excited to explore these hidden gems and the weather at this time is just amazing with lots of waterfalls in the Park and lush green all over. Its a feast for eyes and soul to witness such a beautiful greenery and clear skies. I must say that I am lucky enough to explore this much and all my friends out there should come and explore these unexplored sites too......

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