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Norway may not feature on too many traveller’s places to see before they die – mostly put off by the expense of the country – but those who do make it there will tell you it is one of the most magnificent countries on the planet. With its epic natural beauty, magnificent wildlife, and charming traditional architecture, there is Continue reading >

The Bergen Railway, or the Bergen Line, or the Bergensbanen in Norwegian, is the railway that most people call the most fabulous road in the world. It connects Bergen, Attraction Detalis >

The Flam Railway, also known as the Flåmbana or the Flåm Line, is the railroad in Norway which connects the fjord village of Flåm and Myrdal station, situated Attraction Detalis >

Naeroyfjord is one of the many branches of the Sognefjord, the King of Fjords in Norway. Naeroyfjord flows from another Sognefjord arm - Aurlandsfjord. In fact, this makes Attraction Detalis >

Kjosfossen Waterfall is the largest and most impressive waterfall in Norway, easily winning the title of king of waterfalls. It is located in the county of Sogn og Attraction Detalis >

Flam Railway Museum is a museum situated at the eponymous station on the railway road of Flamsbana in Norway. This road is essentially the branch of the Bergen railway and Attraction Detalis >

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