Boat Trips & Charters in Tenerife

Boat Trips & Charters in Tenerife

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Reviewed on: Sep 9, 2021


Ayla Sailing Yacht Whale and Dolphin

Thank you Captain Felix for a great time and a wonderful boat trip. Whenever we go to sea in Tenerife, we only want this captain who loves his job and the Read full Review >

Milota Bohunicka
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Reviewed on: Jun 26, 2021


Blue day

We were a group of 4 ladies and we had a nice day on the Arriro sailboat, everything was perfectly prepared, chilled wine, fruit, sea paella. We saw whales and dolphins and we also swam in the Atlantic. Our Read full Review >

Sion Richards
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Reviewed on: Mar 1, 2020


Wonderful day!

My son and I thoroughly enjoyed our time on the Ayla. The boat is very comfortable for 8 people and being small it gives you a very personal experience. We saw whales and dolphins up close with hardly anyone Read full Review >

Sue Lewis
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Reviewed on: Nov 24, 2019


A brilliant experience

My husband and I first enjoyed Diamant some time ago and had such good memories. This time we wanted to take our two granddaughters with us and they loved it too. The boat is very comfortable with leather Read full Review >

If you go on holiday to Costa Adeje, looking for Costa Adeje hotels or Costa Adeje weather, here you'll find everything you need to know, to see, what to expect and if that is actually the right holiday destination for you or not. Here we're going to have a look at some tips that can save you a lot of money, a few small things to learn  Continue reading >

Located in the south of Tenerife, Costa Adeje is widely considered to be the jewel of the island. With its year-round sunshine, beautiful stretches of sandy beaches, an amazing selection of restaurants and nightlife options, and an abundance of opportunities for water sports, it is no wonder that thousands flock to this part of Tenerife for their  Continue reading >

Tenerife has long been a fixture on the many people’s list of ideal vacation destinations. Known for its excellent year-round climate, beautiful beaches, and affordable accommodation and amenities, tourists come here by the millions year after year. But if you think there is nothing more to Tenerife than lazing on the beach then you would be  Continue reading >

Killer Tsunamis expected, if Tenerife Volcano Teide erupts!

Killer Earthquakes, life-threatening Tsunamis and Huge Death Toll expected When the Tenerife Volcano Teide erupts! In 2017 it was estimated that the Tenerife island suffered as many as 40 earthquakes in a single 48 hour period. This increase in seismic activity drew the attention of the whole world - and that attention has  Continue reading >

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La Casa Fuerte de Adeje is one of the oldest buildings in the South of the Island. It was built in 1556 at the request of Pedro de Ponte, a powerful merchant in Adeje, to Attraction Detalis >

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Rocks of Garcia is the biggest attraction other than Teide in Las Canadas national park. These strange rock formations are called Los Roques de Garcia by locals. Unusual Attraction Detalis >

La Casa de Los Balcones or the House of Balcones in English is a celebrated house and a museum in La Orotava in Tenerife. Having built-in 1632, it has many things to offer of Attraction Detalis >

Once you will venture into jungles of Anaga Rural Park, you will be welcomed by the Mirador Cruz del Carmen lookout point which offers an amazing view. Moreover, La Attraction Detalis >

For more than 500 years one of the staple meals of the Canary Islands has been a milled flour recognized as gofio, ground in wind mills which at once peppered the islands. Few functioning mills currently remain. For Don Felipe, the man who first established the restaurant in the 1990s, the wind mill of El Molino Blanco represented the traditions  Continue reading >

With the intense blue of the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop the Hotel Bahia del Duque is situated in one of the warmest and also highly prestigious areas of the island of Tenerife: Costa Adeje. The Hotel has straight access to the promenade of the beach Playa del Duque, where you can find a wide range of restaurants, cafés as well as  Continue reading >

We’ve been trading in Tenerife for the last almost 10 years and we have uncountable people who have passed through our doors as well as through online. We already have managed to sell thousands of tickets via our shop and online in the previous years. We have build up the strong contacts on the island of Tenerife by offering you the best  Continue reading >

There are many different ways to discover Tenerife spending your holiday here. The truth is that most of tourists are not leaving the touristic zones with hundreds restaurants, bars, pubs, etc, and some people just stay by the hotel's swimming pools. The even don't realize what they are missing. In fact Tenerife is an island with wide  Continue reading >

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